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Hope Capital - Case Study - Broker-Lender CRM

Hope Capital is a 100% privately funded specialist provider of bridging loans of up to £5m.

Business Challenge

Hope Capital never has two deals the same, the case management system they were using before BrightOffice was very static and unable to filter the information required for any meaningful reports. When a new member of staff joined the company the cost for training was high and any potential changes required was met with an upfront cost for development. HC felt like they needed a system that was more flexible for the business whilst being capable of adapting to the differences in each loan facilitated. As the business was growing, HC needed a new partner moving forward to increase visibility on all loans and introducers. With the BDM team growing it was also necessary to put in place some form of reporting and allocation of brokers, rather than using a blanket marketing approach. HC needed accountability on activity to monitor the productivity of the BDM team and also give them a record of enquiries, visits and progressing cases.

BrightOffice's Solution

We had an initial meeting with BrightOffice who really listened to the needs of our business. We needed both a lender and investor package which they recognised moving forward this was quite a common need in the current market place and that introducing a blended system would benefit everybody. It was obvious from the recent changes that had been made that they listened to their customers and improved the system based on new clients and feedback and that these improvements were not sold as an add on but used to improve the system for everyone’s benefit, meaning a much longer term solution led service.

It did take some time to initially write the first part of the programme for us, however, we were feeding back constantly and preferred getting this right the first time. Each person from BrightOffice who came to discuss our solution was briefed in the concept of our business and really wanted to fully understand our processes and procedures.

Once we had the system in place there was plenty of support to ensure that all of the steps in our process were correct and we cannot fault the service from the helpline, they are prompt in answering your calls and always find a solution.

Customers Say

“We see our relationship with BrightOffice as a long-term partnership which will improve our business reporting and provide us with the highest level of data security to ensure the best possible service to our introducers, investors and borrowers. We will, I am sure, use other relevant parts of the system as our team grows., Jonathan Sealey CEO.”

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