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CRM Software for Debt Management Business

The complete business management CRM for the Debt Management market.

Auto-assign payments

Take the hassle out of financial managment.

Effectively manage receiving and sending payments with the ability to auto-assign payments from clients.

Letter generation

Generate debtor and creditor documents with ease.

Automatically generate documents at the click of a button with our full suite of debt management letters.

Built in calculators

Quickly calculate repayments.

Calculate repayments with a wide range of configuration settings using our industry leading software.

Cheque printing

Create cheques in a matter of seconds.

Colsolidated cheque creation, quickly and easily, right from within the software.

Customer profiling

Quickly get to grips with your customer's situation.

Create income and expenditure profiles, store creditor balances and calculate disposable income.

Cost effective

Software that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Pay for what you need via affordable monthly payments and expand as your business grows.

Marketing made easy

Deliver great marketing campaigns.

Dynamic database filtering targets the right customers and lets you market your services in the most effective manner, whether via Email, Post or SMS.

Access from anywhere

All you need is an internet connection.

The software is based in the cloud, meaning data is securely backed up. You can also restrict access to certain IP addresses and time of day.

Industry specific

Don't settle for bloated, generic software.

Our software is based around industry specific features without the generic bloat of other CRM systems. We even work with industry bodies and providers to integrate with their services.

Tailor made

Software that adapts to your business, not the other way round.

Our flexible software compliments and works with your business processes using bespoke workflows to help you manage everyday tasks with ease.

360° customer view

Understand your customers.

View and interact with customers easily with integrated prospecting, marketing, sales and support.

Secure data storage

Secure, automated backup of your data.

You need never worry about losing your data again. We securely host and backup your data on our servers. We can even send you a backup via FTP for extra piece of mind.

User permissions

Access to what is required and nothing else.

You don't want every member of staff to be able to view and modify all of your data, with our software you can make sure your staff can only view and modify the areas of the software they require.

Document management

Seamlessly manage all correspondence.

Our advanced document management system allows you to create personalised documents at the click of a button and save any incoming correspondence alongside the customers record for ease of access.

Financial control

Keep on top of your finances.

Process orders, generate invoices and manage arrears collection easily and effectively, all within the software.

White label software

Reinforce your business identity.

We will customise our software to display your logo and match the interface to your business colours.

Free updates

We'll never charge you for updates.

When we make updates you will receive that update at no extra cost and with minimal disruption to your service.

Powerful reporting

Complete insight into your business.

Reporting is crucial for any business to gain an understanding of what works and what doesn't. Our reporting suite allows you to report on any or multiple database fields.

Sage 50 and Sage 200 Integration
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Debt Management CRM allows you to manage prospects, customers, correspondence, debt management plans, payments and all the processes required to manage a debt management business with optimum efficiency.

You can integrate the system’s comprehensive telesales/prospecting module with diallers or industry standard VoIP systems to optimise your business efficiency. Leads can be accepted via XML transfers from web sites or third parties or imported from industry standard spreadsheet and data formats.

The system allows you to create Income and Expenditure profiles for your clients, store details of creditors and balances, calculate disposable income and calculate pro-rata or nominal payments to creditors.

The system allows you to automatically create a full customer pack with a Welcome Letter, LOA, T&Cs, Income & Expenditure profiles, Creditor Balances and Schedules and any engagement information all fully customised to your client’s circumstances.

Our advanced document management system allows you to create personalised documents, emails and SMSs for clients and creditors at the click of a button and save any correspondence within the customer’s record for a full record of communication with clients and their creditors.

Our software provides an auditable trail from initial enquiry to the completion of a Debt Management Plan. Processes and reminders can be customised to ensure important aspects of your administrative processes can be followed up efficiently without legislative or procedural requirements being overlooked. Six monthly reviews can be automated and manual reviews can be set for individual creditors as required.

Once payments have been agreed with creditors the system manages payment receipts from clients and allocates the correct payments to individual creditors after deduction of your agreed fees. Payments can be made to creditors at the frequency you choose and via cheque or BACS payment runs.

You can record all lead sources, report on them and pay referral and success fees to your sources as & when appropriate. Fees can be automatically calculated and rates can be set individually set for each source.

The flexible Report Manager allows you to create customised reports important to your business. All reports can be saved in Excel or PDF formats allowing you to easily distribute them or analyse them in more detail if required.

If you think our cloud based Debt Management CRM could be right for your business or would just like to find out more, please get in touch today and arrange a demonstration.

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