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BrightSign Electronic Signature

Send out documents electronically and have your customers sign online.


  • Increase the number of prospect documents returned “packs back ratio”
  • Returned documents from potential Customers can be in minutes rather than days
  • Reduce costs due to savings on postage
  • All documents are automatically saved directly back into your BrightOffice system
  • Immediate notification of returned documents

How it works

  • Documents generated by our software have the option to be sent by Electronic Signature.
  • The Customer receives notification via email which contains the secure link to the document.
  • In the event the documents require multiple signatures the email is automatically sent to all signatories.
  • Once the signatory clicks on the link contained within the email, they are automatically directed to our secure BrightSign Portal were they can now view the documents and ‘Electronically Sign” by ‘scribing’ or ‘typing’ their name and clicking ‘Submit’.
  • Once all required signatures are completed, the document is ‘locked’ and all signatories receive a confirmation email containing the completed documents.
  • At the same time, your BrightOffice software also receives a copy of the document, and a ‘Notification Icon’ appears in the bottom left of the screen to inform the users.
  • The copy of the document is viewable within the Data Folder area of the Potential Case.
  • The User can now click on the ‘Notification Icon’ and review the document within the potential case data folder.
  • The User can then exit the potential case and process by converting into a full case.


Is the document legal?

The capture of the signature via BrightSignature has been developed to conform to the compliance requirements of the Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework for electronic signatures.

As a result of the above directive the UK then passed The Electronic Communications Act 2000 and in doing so made “electronic signatures” legally admissible.

Four years later The Consumer Credit Act of 1974 was amended by order to incorporate the use of “Electronic Signatures”.

Will Credit Providers and Banks accept documents which have been “electronically signed”?

Credit providers and banks are required by Law to accept electronically signed documents; however there are organisations that are unaware of their legal obligations.

In the event that a document is rejected, our advice would be to issue a support document reminding them of their obligations under UK Law.

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