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Sage Integration

Sale Accounts Integration with Sage 50 and Sage 200.


  • Removes all duplication of customer information.
  • Allows multiple invoice templates for individual or groups of customers.
  • Raise invoices at the click of a button from multiple areas of BrightOffice.
  • Easily assign payments to customers including card payments directly into BrightOffice via Sage Pay.
  • Customer statements, invoices and credit notes can be emailed to customer directly from BrightOffice.

How it works

  • Sage Integration area within BrightOffice displays totals and values of all:
    • Sales service invoices
    • Sales product invoices
    • Sales credit notes
    • Sales payments received
  • Full Sage report allows visibility of additional information in the following areas:
    • Sales Service & Product Invoices
      Sage bank code
      Sage VAT code
      Sage customer reference
    • Sales Payments Received
      Payment type
      Unallocated payment amounts
      Sage bank code
      Sage VAT code
      Sage customer reference
  • All new customers without a Sage reference are automatically created within Sage and allocated a reference as part of the integration.
  • Once ‘Live Update’ is selected, all records are passed directly into Sage, including nominal codes.
  • Records within BrightOffice are locked to prevent alterations to the financial data passed into Sage.

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